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What is airflow teeth cleaning?

Airflow is a modern and revolutionary procedure to remove stains from teeth. Using just compressed air, water and bicarbonate particles, shot from a jet, it pushes away the surface staining from your teeth. Airflow is a popular choice for teeth whitening, as it removes stains without impacting the original color of the teeth.


How long does airflow teeth cleaning take?

Airflow Teeth Cleaning takes only 20-30 minutes to be completed. The procedure is painless and there is no need for anesthetic.


What are the advantages of airflow teeth cleaning?

There are four main benefits to airflow cleaning, that make it such a popular procedure.

  • Effective Cleaning. The procedure doesn’t just whiten your teeth, it also cleans them by removing plaque and bacteria. Airflow is actually considered more effective than conventional teeth cleaning methods.

  • Patient Comfort. With the Airflow Teeth Cleaning there is minimal need for the scraping tools than many people find uncomfortable.

  • Teeth Sensitivity. There are no chemicals involved with airflow, which in turn means there is no damage made to the enamel, causing sensitive teeth.

  • Faster Cleaning. Airflow is three times faster in removing stains and plaque than the conventional methods. Taking just 20-30 minutes to get that shiny white smile.

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