What is a dental bridge?

A bridge is a dental appliance, used to support teeth in the event that one or more has been lost due to damage or decay. It is made of various materials and has a fitted cap on each end that fits over the existing teeth on either side of the gap. Replacement teeth or teeth are used to fill the space, and the bridge holds the teeth on either side in place so they cannot move or shift.


How permanent are dental bridges?

Bridges are considered to be permanent structures and designed to resemble the teeth that are being replaced.


How permanent are crowns?

Crowns are mostly designed to be permanent, although temporary crowns can be attached to teeth depending on the situation - these will eventually be replaced with permanent crowns. Crowns are very unlikely to come loose or crack. How long a crown will last in the mouth is largely dependent on your oral hygiene, home care, and regular dental visits.


What happens if the gaps between the teeth are not filled in?

The gap created by tooth loss can cause the rest of the teeth to move and shift. This disrupts the natural alignment, bite, and support of the mouth and tooth. When this support is lost, more teeth can become damaged and fall out. A bridge or crown will close this gap, and hold the teeth firmly in place.

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